Friday, April 30, 2010

Stass's Birthday Beer Journey

As it was Stassy's 28th birthday yesterday, I took it upon myself to try 22 different beers on his behalf. Purvis had a beer tasting last night from 4 breweries; Hitachio Nest (H), Mikkeller (M), Nogne (N) and Dieu du Ciel (D). Here is the journey I went on

1)M - Jackie Brown - has a smokey roasted and alcohol smell and for some reason it is seemed to smell creamy. there was slight over carbonation but was creamy to taste, and not sure if the finish to the beer was alcohol or a cleansing hop.
2)M-Drinkin' the Sun - fairly standard lager style with a citrus hop. was a bit watery and finished with a dusty hop taste.
3)M-Cream Ale - cloudy pale yellow colour with what seemed like an amonia and/or citcrus smell. slight overcarbonation but good mouthfeel when allowed to warm. hoppy aftertaste.
4)D-Aphrodisiaque - sweet malt smell, brown head and dark drown body, smokey choc with slightly too much alcohol in taste. still, good smooth beer.
5)D-Volante - clear orange colour but with that abbey beer smell (hmmm), nice and smooth but seemed to register at a brighter taste range with alcohol finish.
6)H-Espresso Stout - no head with dark brown body, has coffee and choc smell. taste of coffee is not pleasant to me, but did not take over too much in taste. again, good smooth beer.
7)M-Beer Geek Brunch Weasel - dark with smell of alcohol, slight smokey taste but overpowered by alcohol. smooth but with the sense of a dark spirit.
8)H-Red Rice Ale - browny orange colour with a sulphur smell. somehow smooth but watery with slight hop aftertaste. good rinse of the mouth before hitting the Nogne.
9)N-Triple Tiger - clear orange/yellow colour. smelled spice and caramel, smooth when warm. an initial sting (spice/alcohol) but fills out to a caramel taste.
10)N-Saison - orange colour, malty/fruity with slight sulphur and spice smell. by now alcohol was starting to take over the palate, but must be a lighter tasting beer not to be able to cut through it.
11)N-Andhrimner Barleywine - brown with malty alcohol smell, very sweet. alcohol sting with spirit overtone. malt comes through as it warms. smooth even with the higher alcohol.
12)N-Tyttebaer (sour beer) - browny orange with sulphur (and something extra I can't put my finger on) smell. yep, definitely sour, but not too much (unless my taste buds are diminishing). almost white wine aftertaste.
13)N-Julesnadder (porter) - nice smooth malty sweet taste. sweet malt smell, slightly watery, but smooth finish.
14)M-Dim Sum - clear orange colour with a spicey caramel smell the converted into taste. alcohol seemed more than 5% in taste.
15)M-Big Worst (17.5%!!!!) - cloudy orange, caramel and alcohol smell. harsh sting in taste, 'just keeps on burning'.
16)M-Barleywine - dark alcohol smell, clear brown colour, sweet alcohol taste with 'some burning'
17)M-Beer Geek Breakfast - noticed it poured quite creamy with a chocolate alcohol smell. smooth with alcohol and chocolate taste. yummy.
18)D-Roule (peppercorn) - pepper aftertaste with a sulphur smell. not as bad as my notes make it out to be.
19)H-Ginger Ale - taste buds are dying at this stage, but ginger does not seem to be overbearing.
20)M-Santa's Little Helper - just called last drinks, so smashed this one down quick. did taste some spice. 'darker than I thought' (not sure if I meant in colour or taste...probably taste).
21(Yes, I got a free one) M-Frelner - good to finish on as smooth and malty (hey, just happy that I can still taste something by now). think it had slight alcohol aftertaste.

Well, that's it. Faves were Frelner, Beer Geek Breakfast, Julesnadder, Aphrodisiaque and Triple Tiger. worst initial reaction to beer was the sour beer, but not as bad as what I thought it would be. special mention to Volante, Jackie Brown and Adhrimner Barleywine.

Sorry, missed beer 22. Guinness at the Drunken Poet with friends for a Tim Cannon gig (Stass was playing in it). could appreciate texture of Guinness, but not much taste. ended the night on choc cake and Bailey's (hmmm).
Happy Birthday Stass. As I said in the card, I managed to get to the 'happy' stage for your birthday (well, I think I wrote something like that). Cheers,

- Beefy

PS: I was pretty tired and worn out and did not have any dinner last night which may affect my ability to appreciate the beers properly. my apologies if it happens my notes are way off what you taste in these beers
PPS: good on Purvis! they are now doing a belgium beer tasting on May 19, which i have already signed up for. this will help in planning my belgium beer tour for sure!

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