Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Holgate Brewhouse Temptress Chocolate Porter (6%), Additional

Hi All,

just a quick note to say i had this on tap the other night at the Royston in Richmond with my brother. the carbonation really helps to improve the texture of this beer, but feel the taste of the carbonation does not. would have been good to try the bottled version together with it, but they only had it on tap, and even then, the keg ran out on our order (we only managed to get one pot out of it).

OK, was going to hold off on this news, but there is a possibility that I may be doing a beer tour of parts of Europe (Belgium, bit of France, Germany, Czech Republic) in Sept. there has been a tour organised by amongst the vines and bridge road brewery (http://www.bridgeroadbrewers.com.au/news.html) for belgium/france and put in a show of interest. however, i have just been told this morning that it looks like the tour may not happen, which i am quite disappointed about. Firstly, if anyone is interested, check out the about link and if you want, get in contact with Amongst the Vines. I was told it may be postponed til May. still, am still wondering if i go now and make my own tour, or see if it is worth waiting a year. hmmm. any comments would be appreciated on this topic.

well catch you in the next post.

- beefy

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