Monday, April 12, 2010

Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale

After 123 days of over 20 degree maximums in melbourne, I find it appropriate that I be drinking this beer when the start of the cooler weather arrives. I remember having this beer when my brother and i were in the US at sequoia national park during the winter. I think it is actually the first sam smith beer i had ever tried, so was good yesterday as the cold desended that we again be drinking this beer at the Standard Hotel and Fitzroy. Very nice colour and decent head upon pouring. the first taste actually reminded me of a 'ladyboy' i had during the microbreweries showcase at Fed Square a month ago, where Holgate were combining their choc porter with their nut brown. Think the cane sugar used in this beer adds a sweetness that took me back to that flavour. a nice amount of body in the beer allowed it to be smooth enough for this style of beer to coat the tongue in the sweet nutty flavours and easily slip down the throat. this flavour also seemed to hang around nicely in the aftertaste, so was content to sip it. Definitely a beer made for days like that, and much better that the magalotti (bock) we had with pizza before and the cooper's dark ale we had after it.


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