Thursday, March 18, 2010

St Patrick's Day 2010

Well, it is post St Patrick's, but seeing i was busy on the day, and maybe not is the correct state to be writing in this blog then, now may allow a much more coherent celebration recollection.
I won't say what time i had my first Guinness of the day, but safe to say i had one before i went to work. I am sure some of you reading this can work out from that when abouts i had the first. even though i did work, i was able to keep up my tradition of not working after lunch, which in turn allowed me to keep having guinness with lunch (or was it lunch?). the afternoon brought with it a visit to Fed Square, where the microbreweries showcase was on. Stass and my brother were able to attend with me this time, which in turn meant we were able to try many beers sharing samples, etc. I was very interested in Holgate's 'Ladyboy' (cross of nut brown and choc porter), Matilda Bay has a great selection of beers, Red Duck's belgium was interesting to see aussies trying to replicate this style, even though it was 10.5%. The Sweetwater Golden Bitter was okay too along with the True South Red Truck Lager (yes, i do enjoy lagers...sometimes). However, Tooborac had a good body in their beer, Coldstream had a porter that tasted very similar to Guinness (maybe it was just because of the day), and the Hawthorn Pale had good texture and taste too. However, much excitement was found when i saw a case of Grand Ridge Supershine sitting at their table, and that they had moonshine available to try. this is what we ended out tastings with, getting the last serving of it for the day, and we were able to stand in the quiet and the crowd dissipated and enjoy this last morsel of beer. 
However, more was to come, as we had seen that Beer Delux had a keg of the Moo Brew Aged Imperial stout, and for $23 each, we sampled a pot of this amazing beer and felt the world mellow in the presence of this beer. quite spectacular body and from the keg the head created a new, lighter layer of taste just to complexify the beer even more than before, the balance of sweet and bitter as the beer descended down our throats brought with it such a sense of content it felt like a bargain to have got it for $23, and made us feel sorry for those that had not tried it. Apart from a Guinness (which i had earlier anyway), this was the best beer to celebrate a day known for stout drinking. I can't even remember how long it took for us to drink that pot, but it is the slowest i have ever drunk so little an amount of beer, and it easily lasted an hour as Stass and I got lost in it's tasting.

well, it was a delightful St Pat's Day, which a much more sophisticated Guinness Man enjoyed. and there is going to be more enjoyment to come from it, as we made an investment in our happiness by ordering a case of the supershine which hopefully will be in our possession by the end of the week, where much wintery contented drinking will come from, and not just for this coming winter either.

Happy Post St Patrick's Day everyone,

Guinness Man (Beefy)

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