Monday, March 1, 2010

Phoenix Lager, Mauritius (5%)

As one of my last international beer of the aussie summer, and as to celebrate my favourite band starting their tour of Oz today (they will be in melbourne on Friday), I thought it appropriate I have this beer. I have been looking for this beer for many years after hearing the joke that Phoenix (the French band) named themselves after this beer. It is one of the interesting things with the band that they have these quirky tales about themselves, and I reckon some of that is even in this beer. It is an easy drinking beer, but also has a maltiness and a quirky sense of apple (?) to sweeten it. While being lager it also seems to be smooth, so the similarities with the band continue. Also, because of it's style, the beer is very much a summer beer, as Phoenix produce summery sort of tunes. Much like aspect of the band and their music, the Phoenix beer has aspect that intrigue and don't fully understand, but only add to my liking of it. A smooth, sweet lager is not very common in my experience, especially with the yeasty and hoppy beers that seem prominent in Australia. It almost seems like fate that I finally find this beer just weeks before the band come here, however, I think I will be enjoying this friday's gig more than this beer. Still, I am quite happy to find that I enjoy both. A fitting farewell to summer!


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