Monday, March 1, 2010

Full Malty, Wales (4.8%)

Welcome to Autumn!
And what a way to bring it in with this beer. As a lover of malt, when i found this beer, I just had to try it. I have to say this is the maltiest beer i have ever tasted, and didn't Stass see that when he saw how excited I was after the first taste. Trust the welsh to make a ball-busting malt beer. Velvety in texture, it was able to tick many boxes of what i enjoy in beer. While Stass tried to convince me that it needed something to offset the sweetness of the beer, I recalled what I had heard at the Cooper's brewery tour the week before where i was told that hops were not a necessary part of beer, and savoured the full malt sweetness of this beer.

I have definitely been inspired now to try and make my own malt beer, and maybe even add some honey for more sweetness. Hey, when have Stass and I ever brewed by halves? Which came into question not long after trying this beer, when we tried our half sediment/half liquid choc stout. Let's just say it was quite an experience, and if you have any of the photos of us trying it stass, put them up here, as a warning to others that may try it. Still, I managed to finish my half of

Cheers to beers,


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