Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Week That Was and The Good Beer Week (GBW 2012) to Come...

Hi all,

For those that keep up to date with this blog, sorry it has been a while between posts. This week has not been a good one for me personally, so is not the best lead up to one of my favourite festivals of the year (ok, so it is only the second GBW ever...still, high hopes it will be as good as last year).

Even in beer this week has not been good for me. No, I haven't been getting drunk, but in my attempts to step up at Mountain Goat with one of the brewers away on holidays, I have made some major stuff ups, and had to make everyone else work harder around me (These pics show what happens when you allow a Bogan into your brewery). I made sure during the meeting yesterday to apologise for ruining a 5000ltr fermenter, stuffing up another filter run, and thanking them for their help and understanding this week. I am just glad to see the back of it, and lucky to have GBW to look forward to now, and hoping to do better in the brewery next week too.

Today I will be volunteering at the Great Australasian Beer Spec'tap'ular (GABS), a massive beer event to start the week off, with 60 beers from around Australia and New Zealand on tap. No, I won't be drinking during the event today, and in more bad news, I found my role will have nothing to do with beer at all...I will be serving wine and cider...AT A BEER EVENT!!! So if anyone wants to see the saddest sight ever, come watch a beer nerd pouring wine and cider at bar 4 at GABS. I am sure to try and persuade people onto beer at every opportunity, especially helpful when they find out my knowledge of wine comes down to that it comes in red and white colour varieties.

Still, after that I have one of my most anticipated events during the whole week (and happy for it to be so as want my tastebuds fresh for it), with a Brooklyn Brewery Degustation at Beer Delux tonight. Will be great to catch up with Stass and Brad, and after a day surrounded by beer (but more closely surrounded by wine and cider, dammit!), am sure to love this event even more than I anticipate.

The rest of the week looks to be going like this:

Sunday - Each volunteer at GABS get s a free session and tokens, so will be using mine during the day before I head to a Chocolate and Beer tasting that I am also highly anticipating, and so happy to get done early as well.

Monday - Try not to stuff up a bottling run at Mountain Goat and maybe hit Mrs Parma's with a mate that is in town for their Bratwurst Parma with a corresponding Moon Dog beer (which reminds me, saw the Moon Doggers at the Royston for a free tasting of their new Billy Ray Citrus, the honey and orange peel really tingle nicely on the tongue...still, this I prefer the McGuava in their Mullet Series. The Holgate Temptress was tasting amazing that night. In hindsight, I am surprised I haven't been back again for it).

Tuesday - Yes, try not to stuff up whatever I am doing in Goat that day (let's just call that a given for the rest of the week), and then my second Beer and Chocolate event, which hopefully this year I turn up on time and again get to talk to some of the brewers.

Wednesday - If all goes well and I feel like staying back at Goat after work, the Abbey Collaby will be on with a few other beers as with last year. The beer may not be as big as they had hoped, but know of one particular keg that has more rum notes in it than others. I will be keeping an eye out to see if that makes it over the bar on the night.

Thursday - I am suppose to be getting together a team for a beer scavenger hunt, but at the moment only have a couple of people interested, so hoping I get a last minute influx of friends wanting to join me or will have to pull out of this one. :(

Friday - Was thinking of doing Good Beer O'Clock, but with my brother in town, might just have a pizza with him and a few beers at Goat and see how everyone pulls up from the AIBA dinner they are going to the night before.

Saturday - While I probably start the recovery session by now, I still have a Slowbeer event (the store is looking great and with beer available on tap and in the bottle, and new courtyard area under development out the back), as I did last year to finish off the week, but this time with an Italian flair which will be interesting. If I still feel ok after that the closing party, and just remembered I have Brad's birthday (Woohoo). Phew, this could be an interesting end to the week.

Still, I have to get to the end of the week, and from my point of view now, even though I probably won't get to the over 100 beers I tried last year, I have much to look forward to, which is good for me right now. So let the good beer flow, and come and say hi to me if you see me at any events...especially today at GABS...WINE AND CIDER...BEER EVENT...ME NOT POURING BEER...I'm sorry, it just doesn't make sense to me, but I guess that works with the surreal week I have had.

Good luck to us all,


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