Tuesday, May 15, 2012

GBW Day 3 - Parma and Dog

Hey anyone reading this, with this post I will finally catch up on myself with Good Beer Week! Yay!

Seeing I had a decent day trying to manage my first bottling run at Goat, and realising GBW is only for a week, thought I should get out and do something beery, so headed along to Mrs Parma's for their Bratwurst Parma with Moon Dog Kaiser Saute Altbier pairing. Finding it hard to get a seat, I manage to get next to some blokes about to tuck into the Bratwurst Parma and talking to them found one is working in Black Heart Brewery. I hadn't actually tried any of their 8 beers (not bad for 500 litre batch brewery in a residential area), so he bought one of his own beers at the bar and shared some of it with me. The Pale Ale has some good hoppy zest to go with a full and darker malt than I would expect from a Pale. Is fairly well made, and citrus really comes through more as it warms up, to the point where after taking so long to eat the parma, I could almost taste orange juice in the beer. Thanks to Brad for the chat and beer sharing.

Ok, for the parma and altbier. As you can see, the brat is just on top with a smokey and spicy tomato chutney. I found the spice heat to be a bit much, but the chicken and sausage actually went well together. There was definitely some hammy flavour in the sausage, which combined with the smoke in the chutney to compliment well with the smokey flavours in the beer. The Moon Doggers had also added spice to the beer, but to be honest, I would have liked more of a clean and refreshing altbier to go with the parma. Everything else in the parma seemed to work well, and was happy to find the altbier malt character underlying the other flavours in it to be quite clean to keep with the style (one I am getting into more after also trying one at GABS over the weekend). Just as I was getting halfway through the parma and Brad and Tony had left, who should walk past me but Karl and Josh from Moon Dog, so also gave them a piece of my mind over the beer and gave them a taste of the Pale Ale Brad had left with me. I am sure I will see the Moon Dogs at Goat tomorrow night, and they said they saw me in my silly hat at GABS, but was too busy to see them waving at me.

So in the end what I thought would be a quiet night just enjoying a meal by myself ended up with meeting guys from two breweries. This is the great things about GBW, you can just meet so many other people interested or working in beer everywhere you go. This is a great sign for the growth of this sort of festival, and something I am happy to go out and be part of in my own little way. Just a simple bloke appreciating a beer, and happy to chat with anyone that would like to do the same.



PS: Will be returning to the filter today after my two disasters last week. Here is hoping for a better result today when I get back on the horse.

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