Tuesday, February 14, 2012

To My Valentine...

Today I spent 12 hours in your home (Mountain Goat Brewery)...

In the morning I made a place for you (cleaned a bright beer tank),
where you could mature (carbonate).
And in the afternoon did I prepare you (kegged),
to let you explore and engage the world (send to the pub)

At lunch I connected with a content amber (MG Hightail Ale),
a word not need be spoken, just a sigh upon contact.
Then a sexy saison,
led to a quickie pale before dinner (Holgate Mt Macedon).
In the evening, we explored our darker delights (Moo Brew Dark Ale and and 'barrel-sophisticated' Grand Ridge Mirboo Madness)...

Alone or with many,
your company makes moments better.
To wonder at all your forms,
from Faro and Framboise,
to Trappist and Imperial Stout (in fact, tomorrow Stass and I will make a sweet Scotch Ale/Wee Heavy, just to show we like rangas too)

While the majority may still be made and used with little regard,
it gladdens us few, who respect what you can be and are

Cheers to you Beer!

Your un-secret admirer,


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