Friday, February 24, 2012

Hot Summer Nights

As I enjoy having a few beers while watching a close game of cricket on the telly, for some reason I thought I would write up some of the beers from this evening.

After a day of using my limited plumbing skills at the brewery, I sat down for a Goldilocks at the bar to find myself enjoying it more than I thought, especially with the texture of the Golden Ale sitting with me quite well on a day we hit 35 degrees. Have a Craig Nitrogenated Red Ale after really came off really sweet and with the smooth body from the nitrogen, probably went down way to easy. It is almost a bit disappointing it slides down the throat that easy, but with a slight ESB slant to it, there is still a bit flavour wise to enjoy with anyone into UK style beers.

Yes, harris gets a 5th wicket for the aussies...and it is the danger man. Still, Sri Lanka don't need much more to win...

Anyway, back to beers. I headed to Purvis for another Friday tasting to find they had Brew Boys beers on, and a new girl working at the store. The Charger Lager had a massive amount of malt character to it, looking more like a Golden Ale. The GTS Pale Ale was more like a pilsner with a dry hop back on it, and the Maiden Ale was good in flavour and texture, which had me wondering if this was probably the most drunk beer in their range. The Brown Ale was a little disappointing, with a dusty malt character that did not help the American style they had gone with in the beer. Now, the beer I was there to try was the Seeing Double Scotch Ale had some good malt front with an added dimension of smoke (the chick pouring them was a bit smokin' as well) to help create some depth to the flavour. The few recent Scotch Ale tasting has got me interested to see how ours comes out this weekend. As I have found before the Ace of Spade Stout has a bit too much coffee roastedness in the malt for me to enjoy personally, along with the dry back that comes with it.

Yaaaay, another wicket for the Aussies, but wickets aren't the key now...unless we can get them all out...hmmm...

Having brought home a couple of beers from Purvis, I decided with the sun still up (Summer is great!) to try and find more hot chicks serving cold beer. Heading to the Royston I managed to try the Moon Dog Melon Gibson Watermelon Weisse, which had both some good watermelon flavour and texture to go with it. The watermelon had a bit of a 'lolly' factor to it, but guess that is what you get trying to get watermelon flavour into a beer. The wheat must have helped fill out the texture, even though there is a refreshing aspect to the beer, and for me seemed to be just slight over-carbonated. It worked quite well overall, and have to say very different to any other beer I have had from this brewery, and make me look forward to the coming fruit beers to come from them as the end of summer approaches...I must visit the brewery again soon.

2 overs to go in the cricket and Sri Lanka have been running well in the previous 6 balls.

Ooohh, another wicket goes down for SL, but more importantly a dot ball so there are 14 from 9 for them to get...stuff this, gonna crack a Bright Ale over the next over and a half...what, howdid he hit that for a 6! This LC Bright Ale is tasting a bit bitter now with only 3 for SL to get of the last over. Geez, this crowd can't catch a cold either.
Argh, in the end an easy win for SL in the final over. Still, a close enough game to make it come down to the final couple of overs.

Ah well, finish the Bright Ale, and look forward to a warm weekend...perfect for more beer drinking.



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