Sunday, June 19, 2011

Situational Drinking 1: After a Hard Day's Work

I just had two different types of hard days work over the past two days, and the beers I had at the end of it were like bloody heaven.

On Friday I did a day at Mountain Goat doing the bottling run. The labeling machine wasn't working when we started, so we ended up double handling all the bottles once the labeling machine was fixed after we had bottled it all. Anyway, made for a fairly long day with much of it repetitive. While it isn't overly difficult, doing the same motions over and over for 8 hours does wear you out. I guess the other thing is once you get into a rhythm, you can really start going a bit quicker at it (just so it can be over as soon as possible). Just as we were getting to the end of it, Dave sat down a glass of Steam Ale next to me, which only made we want to finish the work even sooner. Anyway, we finished, the beer started going down a dream but then had to just sit down and relax for ten minutes, to let my mind and body wind down from the repetition and pace. In this case, I think the beer really helped to just calm down on, and was something to focus on while going through that re-stablisation phase after it.

Yesterday then, I was helping my cousin move house. While I have done a fair bit of this sort of work, having 4 flights of tight stairs is always a killer. Luckily nothing was that heavy, but just the awkwardness of access can really tire you out in the way you have to move stuff. By the end of it, both Pete and I were pretty giddy from the strenuous effort we had just put in, add beer to that mix, and we were both pissed after only a couple of Little Creature Pales. Still, there was that desire when the bottle was in our hand to suck down that beer fast, again only making our states worse. Knowing this, I had to start having a break between each beer just so I wouldn't pass out on the couch I'd just helped bring up.

I guess it is funny for me to see beer can be used differently depending on what sort of day's work I have had. And with days like these it doesn't really matter what beer you have at the end of it. I am a little shamed to say it, but even a VB can go down great after a big day, so I guess bad beers even have their place in this world, not just to show us what good beer is.

Actually, speaking of bad beer, this reminds me of something I wanted to ask everyone. For my birthday last year I pulled together some of the most interesting and enjoyable beers I have had over my beer drinking life, and spent a day going through the range from Faro to Imperial Stout(s). However, while I remember discovering my enjoyment of these beers, I also recall some of the worst beers I have had. Once I had my appreciation of beer, the worst beer experience I have probably ever had was in San Francisco, for Australia Day a few years ago.
Seeing my brother and I had been walking around all day tasting beers, we hadn't come across one single aussie beer to celebrate the day with. By 10:30pm we walked past a bottlo near our hostel, and could only find a 500ml can of Fosters. Needless to say we bought it, and seeing after one sip by brother couldn't stomach it at all, it was left to me to do the deed. With some salted nuts after each gulp, I managed to finish it, but it scarred me. The photo taken of me with that beer says enough, so here it is.
So while this blog is here to help promote good beer, I guess we can only fully appreciate that when we have bad beer to compare it to. So, please comment and leave your story of the worst beer(s) you ever had, so I know I am not alone with the disgust I have had in beer and so I am not just laughing at myself through my own story.

Ok, so maybe there are some beers in this world that even a hard day's work wouldn't even make taste good...



PS: as well as holding onto some of the bottles of beer I have enjoyed, I also have this can of Fosters in my collection. Just as a reminder.


Black Wasp said...


I am from Portugal and personnaly, I think it's safe to say that there are no good beers around here.

Like you, I find that drinking bad beer is mostly associated with a hard work's day, but for that matter I actually prefer something sweater and stronger. Such as Baileys.

Ymmm it's so delicious !

The following is a list of horrible beers:
-Super Bock (just plain piss)
-Sagres Preta
-Guiness (piss and bubbles)
-Heineken (piss and water)

My favorite all-around beer is Carlsberg. It's not the best beer per say, but one you can use on any event. Partying, getting shitface wasted, or simply looking for a casual refresh, Carlsberg's always a good choice.

Cheers mate :)

beefy said...

Thanks for your contribution.

If the commercially available beers are so bad, do people tend to go for home brewing to find good flavour in their beer, or is drinking beer just about getting pissed?

Apart from Guinness (am guessing it is contract brewed in Portugal?), Heineken and Carlsberg, is there much beer being 'imported' into the country? Does any German or Belgian beers make it over there.

Funnily, I have someone born in Morocco living with me at the moment, and when it comes to beer, she only know lagers, and she doesn't seem too interested in trying anything different. Even trying out a decent aussie lager did not bring much response. Is this then a cultural perspective of beer just for drinking, and not tasting?

Again, thanks for the feedback, and hope you enjoy your carlsberg, find some other beers to try, and even try brewing yourself. I guess like most countries in your region of Europe, wine is the alcoholic beverage that is given more presitge.

Good luck!

Black Wasp said...


There are a lot of beers being imported to Portugal, so if you know your tastes you'll be allright finding your personal favorite at the supermarket.

Still, most people here don't seem to bother much with taste. We usually buy beer as a habit, with the intention of chilling out with friends or getting wasted.

And it does come in nice, one cool Sagres after lunch, but that's all I'm capable of.

That doesn't seem to affect everybody else though. Maybe it's me that I'm weird.

And I don't think wine is a prestige drink. At least not here. Wine and Beer are like brother and sister when it comes to parties and getting drunk.

There are brands and brands of course

beefy said...

Hey Black Wasp,

I just saw Sagres has come out with with a chocolate beer ( Wondering if you have tasted it. As you may have seen on the blog, I love chocolate beers, so if you can tell me what it is like, that would be awesome. I wonder if I can get some here in Australia to try???

Keep enjoying your beers!