Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Local Taphouse Beer Journey

Just to show I haven't lost my mind in the past couple of posts, I thought I would bring the tone down and just do a standard entry.

As I said, I hit The Local Taphouse in St Kilda as saw they had Moo Brew Imperial Stout and The Yeasty Boys Rex Attitude. When I arrived, I saw the Rex Attitude had gone (luckily I have a bottle of it in my stash at home), but managed to pull together a list of 5 (well 6 in the end). Unfortunately I have lost the list, but will try to use whatever mind I have left to piece it together.
1) Hofbrau Dunkel - Just as a reminder of the day 9 months ago when I drank 6 litres of this stuff at Octoberfest at the Hofbrua beerhall in Munich with my mate Jaimi. The first sip took me instantly back to that day, and was a little off putting seeing how that day ended for me. Still, that caramel sweetness with a little too much artificialness to it and the watery texture/body. At least you can put away 6 litres of it with that wateriness.
2) Paulaner Salvator Doppelbock - Having recently had the Korbinian, this beer just reminded me so much of it, but maybe just a little subdued in body and a little more artificial sweetness in the caramel. Initially this was given to me as the first beer to taste, but after tasting it, new it needed to be after the Dunkel, especially with 7.4% on the alcohol reading.
3 and 4) Yeasty Boys, Pot Kettle Black/Croucher Patriot - In trying to get an appreciation of Black IPA's, I gave these ones a go. I was a little confused as the noted description for one seemed to describe the other, unless they were accidently swapped or not noted down properly on the sheet. One had quite a hoppy bitter taste overall as you would expect for an IPA, whereas the other had a very distinctive coffee flavour at the back to bring a bitterness more from the malt that the hop. Though, without knowing which was which, I can't make a certain description. This was further confused by the fact that initially instead of giving me one of the black IPA's, I was given an Ace of Spades Stout (therefore, beer number 5). I wondered why I enjoyed this more that the Black IPA, but this error soon explained it for me.
6) Moo Brew Imperial Stout - A classic beer of mine, and was sort of good to have it with the Ace of Spades to compare. It definitely had much more body, flavour and alcohol over the Ace of Spade, but so it should as an Imperial Stout. It was on this beer the epiphany began on my previous post, that nature has a wisdom it is not even aware of, unlike humans that can be aware.
Unfortunately, that is all my brain can recall through the confusion of it all. Still, through the confusion, that last beer and Capra's book, something new came from it in my mind.

Anyway, I'll leave it at that. I think I have put enough on this blog for one day.



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