Thursday, February 11, 2010

Deus, Belgium/France (11.5%)

I just spent a week up at my folks farm and had one night out with my friends Kate and Cam and so hit Silo on the foreshore for dinner. Apart from a local Murray 'Endless Summer' (easy drinking lager with a hit of hops) every other beer I asked for was not available. therefore I just had to spend big on one bottle of this stuff (at $65 for the 750ml bottle). A spiced ale brewed in Belgium and aged for a year in a cave in France, this 2006 vintage sounded more like a wine than a beer, and then when it was served in an ice bucket and champagne flutes I was quite interested to see if it actually tasted like beer. 

Only having tasted 'a few' beers in my time on earth and some concentration could I taste the beer. My mate Cam thought it tasted like a light rum. As you can see in the photos it is clear like a lager and as usual the head did not hang around for long after pouring. The initial taste was a bit of a head spin. I don't really get into spiced beers but with the aging this one had it was quite mellow of the foretaste, then as you would think the alcohol starts to take over as it slips down the throat. However, even this was mellowed and there was no alcohol sting or aftertaste. 
Even the change from spice to alcohol in taste was very easy in this beer, so like a couple of beers of this alcohol i have tasted now, for what it was it was quite easy drinking (unlike the 14% Epic beer i had in Portland over a year ago). I have tasted beer with 7% or 8% that have a harsher alcoholic taste, along with a harsher masking taste to dilute the alcohol or over-stimulate the tastebuds ready for the alcohol hit. While it is not really a beer I enjoy the taste of that much, it had been brewed very well and so can appreciate the effort that had been done to produce it. still, my whole mouth was very furry the morning after. One beer I can say I have tried and don't need to taste (or pay for a taste) again.
Am heading off to Perth today so who knows what beers I may find there...


 - Beefy


Andrew Rostas said...

Nice work Beefy! Wish I could have been there to share in the tastings! You're shout though.... =)


Kate said...

Twas a pleasure to be able to share the evening with you! Sorry I missed the early-morning plane run... well, a little sorry... my pillow was mighty tempting!!

beefy said...

No worries Kate. if i didn't have a plane to catch, the comfort of the pillow would have keep me lulled as well. Thanks for indulging me by going to Silo for dinner.