Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beer Journey of Perth

Hi all,
Having come back from Perth early this morning and while the trip is fresh in my mind thought i would divulge my trip to Perth. To be honest, beer became just something to accompany the great time Joel and I had over there. I only really tried a few different beers. 1) Swan Draft. For a mainstream beer is actually went down ok, and the normal yeastiness was not as present. Trust WA to do a half decent mainstream beer. Still, it has a great amount of competition. 2) Monkey Brass Stout by the Sail and Anchor in Freo. Fairly standard aussie stout, but had a good texture and did appreciate the vanilla in it from my own musings. 3) IPA, again by Sail and Anchor. Good hit of malt on impact with the tongue but then overidden by hops which is right for the style.
Ok, so the first beer i had was a Guinness  in Yokine's Mighty Quinn Irish Pub. Suppose to be quite good with the pour and while 2 were quite good for aussie standards, one was not quite with them. good texture even though slightly watery. Also had a beef and guinness pie, which was tender but had something else in the gravy that did not sit well.
Of course the carlton at the rugby (force vs brumbies) was not great, but being midstrength it went down quite too quickly to notice taste, plus as my attention was more on the game.

Anyway, as with most people, Little Creatures is the place to visit when in Perth, so we decided to go both on Saturday and Sunday. As you can see we got excited seeing the big vat of Bright Ale behind the bar, and hoping it had sufficient stock in it. We had two great visits where the atmosphere creates a time warp where 4 hours goes by in 30 mins.

Also on the Sunday, we were lucky enough to have friends with a boat that offered to take us out to Rotto (what is it with shortening words with 'o' in Perth?), so of course we took it and after exploring it by boat we stopped at the Quokka Arms (yes, i thought it would have been small seeing quokka's have small arms. Hey, there's the Dad Joke you were after Em!) for lunch and soak up the great place. 

As you can see, having got a good possie, James Squire Golden Ale became the beer of choice here, and for most of the rounds we had over there. 

Anyway, thanks to Zven, Em and Phil for their great hospitality to go above and beyond to make our trip so amazing. I look forward to heading back over there. Maybe next time we will have time to try out the other renowned breweries we didn't have time (would you believe i didn't make time for that!!!!) to see this time.


- Beef 

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