Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Beer Selection in Time

Above is probably the best beer selection I have ever had in my possession in any one time.

Starting from back left is the best homebrew I have ever made, a clone of the Southern Tier Creme Brulee, and next to it is the actual Creme Brulee. This in itself is probably one of the hardest beers I have ever been able to find, and only come into my possession in the past week. Therefore, it is probably the biggest influence in my putting this collection together in this photo.

Next is the original B2Bomber from Bridge Road, brewed to celebrate their 5 anniversary. I also have a bottle of the Mach 2 and 3 of this beer and hope to seen have a taste off between the three.

Neighbouring the B2Bomber is another original, the first and best vintage of the Holgate Empress I have ever tasted. With this as well, I have other years reincarnations, but yet to have reached the heady heights of this original.

Rogue Double Chocolate Stout was a Holy Grail beer, like the Creme, that stayed out of my grasp for so long until this year, so I am amazed to even have those two beers in my possession at the same time. I had only ever tried this beer once before I found this beer again, but that moment in Portland, Oregon stayed strong with me for so many years, and I guess still does in this beer.

The Brooklyn Black Ops is an enigma beer, which even though I have probably had more times than many others in this line up, am still amazed to find I have in my possession, and happy to have even had it recently in a beer tasting here.

LTM Porter Baltique 2010 was the best beer I tried in the first year of Good Beer Week back in 2010, and am lucky enough to have 3 vintages of this beer to do a vertical tasting of. Again though, this is the best incarnation of this beer I have ever tasted.

Ok, so two beers from the same brewery is probably not right, but the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout was a beer I searched for long before I was ever able to taste it, and it took a friend going to New York and bring back a bottle of this for me to be able to taste it for the first time. I think this beer with the Double Choc Stout epitomises my taste in beer.

The Rochefort 10 has been aging for 3 years in my closet (cellar), and is the same age as when I tried one in Antwerp while on my travels in Europe 3 years ago. I remember coming back and buying this bottle so I could try aging one for that amount of time, as it was my favourite beer experience from the trip.

The Boon Faro is a beer I found on the Europe trip, which until earlier this year, had never found in Australia, until a fateful trip to Grain and Grape. Much better than the Lindermanns Faro, and a dying style of beer that I appreciate as a subtle and balanced lambic.

The Liefmans Cuvee Brut is another great story from Europe, where I met one of the biggest influences in making my decision to follow beer as a career. Willy recommend this beer for me, and it still remains with me. Maybe not the best beer of the style, but a beer with a story that is very important to me.

While this is the Moo Brew 2009 Vintage Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (probably one of the lesser vintages from the brewery), it is as close to the 2008 that blew my mind those years ago that I can get, and the earliest vintage I own. Knowing this year is the last year this beer will be made by Moo Brew, it had to make an appearance in this line up. Apart from 2008, I have a bottle of each vintage since, and just waiting to get my hands on the latest and last vintage

In the same vein as the Black Choc Stout, the Dieu du Ciel Aphrodisiaque is another amazing beer that I have enjoyed in the past. While I probably don't appreciate it as much as the other choc stouts I have, it certainly deserves to be a part of this line up of impressive beers I have in my possession right now.

Lastly, another beer I have been aging, the Red Hill Imperial Stout from 2011 is one I have been holding onto to see if its potential improves over time.

The patience, luck, and effort that is shown through this selection is probably the most of any beers I have ever 'hunted' for. While I don't know how long these beers will last in my possession, I think whatever of these make it to the end of the year for my 33rd birthday, I think it will be time that I finally put them to bed, and enjoyed them for what I have put in to have them. I look forward to sharing them with friends, and remember the people and moments behind each beer, as no matter how long I hold onto them, they will only ever be a moment, an experience I have searched for in my life, and luckily found in my way through life.

Heres to them, and to me enjoying them.



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