Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dolphin Brewery Penguin Porter (5%)

Cold Wintery Day? Perfect for trying out a new chocolate porter!

Pouring out my first Dolphin Brewery beer, was surprised at how little carbonation was in it. I do enjoy these styles of beer to have quite a low level of carbonation, but to pour it from such a height just to get this little bit of head in the photo showed this was super low, and this comes across in texture. The beer sits a bit dead on the tongue. It is so close to flat that even I am a little concerned.

Smelling it though, this is a nice dark cocoa aroma once it is allowed to breath for a bit.  It comes off a bit essency to begin with in flavour, but then this separates to bring just a touch of licorice towards the back. With the cocoa, this licorice combines to bring a slight vanilla to it in aroma. It does come off a bit dusty and bitter in aftertaste which is not pleasant, and with the lackluster carbonation it does fill out the palate that well, but does have the flavour to be a decent chocolate porter. Still, looking at the description on the bottle, the bitter aftertaste is what the brewer is looking for, so maybe I just think it lingers a little too much and is a bit too dry for my personal taste.

The longer I let it breath, the more than licorice comes out, so I am actually a bit surprised the head is not better on the beer, but at least happy to see the beer fill out a bit flavour wise, so not as concerned now on the flat carbonation.

Well, have been nicely intrigued by my first Dolphin Brewery beer, so looking forward to trying out the remainder of their range.

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