Saturday, July 21, 2012

Update: Dogfish Head/Birra del Borgo - My Antonia

Having tried this from the bottle the night before, and remembering hearing it was on tap at my local, I headed into the Royston to have it with a fresh palate.

It poured with a really creamy head, already making it a good choice to try on tap. So creamy was the head that when I was tasting it, the foamy head was separating from the body of the beer in my mouth. Luckily the pilsner body has enough to it to sort of keep up, so a wateriness did not interfere with the texture from the head.

In terms of aroma, was getting citrusy hops and quite a bit of alcohol. The citrus also came across that went well with the slight caramel malt character, then the hops step up to become more resinous with a lot of bitterness to boot before the alcohol hits. As it warmed up the hop character did diminish a bit, reminding me more of how I remembered it from before, but between the bitterness and and alcohol, did feel a fair bit of burn on the tongue.

I was actually tasting a Moo Brew Stout during and after this beer. While the density of the malt character was good, just found it a little too roasty and bitter (mind you, could have been the Antonia sensitive to it) for my personal taste in stouts. Still, that didn't stop me going into Goat for a few more beers after that...


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