Monday, June 25, 2012

Tennent's Export Lager (5%)

What?! I am going to talk about a lager...and it is Winter?!

OK, not the norm for me, but then the weekend wasn't really a normal one anyway, and seeing this beer for the first time, I just had to try it.

Was meeting up with my mate Duff in town from overseas, had found a pub near where we were about to check out a gig, that was also showing the Wales Vs Wallabies rugby match (another good game, with Australia coming through again at the end. Poor Wales, they deserved at least one win on this tour). Over the course of the game had a couple of Guinness (Yep, an Irish pub) and also tried out the pub's Bailey's Chocolate Mud Cake (not bad, but no where near the Toffee filled Bailey's Ice Cream from last my last post), when I spied in the fridge a beer I hadn't tried.

Expectations were not high, but as you can see it went down pretty well while watching the game (nearly didn't get a photo of it at all). Not sure if the can had done anything to favour, but could have sensed a bit of metallic/bitter/dry yeastiness in it, however, it had reminded me a bit of a Brew Dog lager I had had before, so may just be the water used in Scottish beers. Actually, the malt and hop profile also reminded me of Brew Dog a bit (though ovbviously not as big as what come from this craft brewer). The malt backbone was pretty full in body (though not as full as the Brooklyn Brewery lager, which I have to say appeals to my texturally based enjoyment of beer...for a lager anyway) and while I can't tell you the hop they used, it melded pretty well with the malt to make a seemless profile of flavour until, the slight bitterness hits at the back that came across a bit metallic for me (maybe I am just prejudiced against canned beer).

As you can see, this photo was taken during the day, so many more beers were had over the afternoon, evening, night and morning (plus a Bailey's to finish on at 5am, after which Duff passed out and we drew on his face in lipstick [not my lipstick] and texta). Actually, probably lucky I can remember having the Tennent's at all.

Also, seeing the Hip Hip Horray IPA came out on Saturday night at another party I attended, can talk about this special brew we made for Sam's birthday. Even though we added hops to it at every stage we could, I am sure she will still put it through the hop infuser at the bar, just to squeeze some more hop character into it. At 7.4% it also got people pretty loose, which is always fun to see.

Sunday morning was a it of a struggle, but managed to man the bbq at Joel's place, then get to Elsternwick Park to man the Goat bar that had been set up for the Community Cup down there. Hand eye co-ordination may have been a little diminished while doing a continuously pour for most of the hour I was on, but I mustn't have wasted enough beer as we still had a bit left over after the event was all over (meant we could enjoy a few afterwards...well, as much as we could enjoy after the night before).

Cheers to Duff and the gang, and also Sam and the Goaters for a great weekend, filled with almost way too much laughter than my body could handle, not quite enough dancing (guess something has to give when you are flicking between parties), but just the right amount and pace of beer consumption to ride the wave of tipsiness as far as it could take me to shore.


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