Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Good Beer Week 2012 - A Framework is Formed

Hey gang,

After finding the program at the Goat bar after finishing work today, I have just used the last hour to sort out a basic schedule of my ideal plan for this event coming in May.

Saturday 12th - Beer Delux Brooklyn Degustation
Sunday - be good to check out Thunder Road and the Beer Trivia at The Local Taphouse
Monday - caught between the Great Britain's Home Brewer to Pro Brewer and the People's Pint launch at Temple
Tuesday - I think I'll need to revisit the beer and chocolate tasting at Saboro, that I turned up to late last year.
Wednesday - Of course, the Goat hosted collaboration, which I have heard may be a beer that is well and truly in my personal realm of beer appreciation, but would also like to go to the Taphouse for their extreme beer tasting.
Thursday - The Fox Hotel Scavenger Hunt looks pretty interesting, so will be looking to put together a team for that.
Friday - While the Fed Square Tasting Around the Globe looks good, would actually be interested in seeing how the Penny Blue Good Beer O'Clock goes.
Saturday - As with last year, would be good to go to the Slowbeer tasting before stumbling down the round to the GB for the closing party.
Not only that, but some all week events I'd like to do is visit Huxtaburger for a burger and Brooklyn beer, keep with the burger theme at Beer Delux, and revisit Mrs Parma's for another combo of their parma with a Moon Dog beer. But keeping with my fav beer and chocolate combos, going to Mamor Chocolates will be a definite.

Anyway, a decent mix of things available and hoping to make use of it over the week, along with trying to get in on the Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular at the beginning of the week

Phew...again. Bring on Good Beer Week 2012.



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