Saturday, January 28, 2012

Finally, Can Enjoy a Kolsch Now the German Has Gone

So The whole time the German was here in Melbourne, about the only thing I heard from her regarding beer was how much she didn't like Kolsch, and was more of an Altbier drinker (ah, the old regional beer wars...still, as I said before, she hadn't even tried a Bamberg Rauchbier! Poor form). So as to not let her ruin my first taste of this 4 Pines Kolsch, that just made #4 in the Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers, I waited til she left before trying it.

Much like the Forrest Brewing Kolsch I had towards the end of last year, this one had the same citrus sweet malt nose and taste. The malt carries well into flavour and texture, with it coating the tongue quite well. There is some slight lemony dry hop character towards the back, and remains in aftertaste, but with also a little bit of residual sweetness. As is the style, this is a very 'smashable' beer, and possibly why it has gone so well in the Hottest 100 poll. With it being an ale, it means it has a bit more character than some pale ales and the all dominant lager style of this country. That is probably why I appreciate it a bit more, and covers both bases of being easy to drink and having character enough to contemplate over. After a hot day, it is going down quite well, and so don't understand why Kathrin was so down on this style (yes, I guess any of us can get bogged down in regional prejudice).
To find some faults from my personal taste, this Kolsch is a little too dry at the back, which may well help many just to keep going back for more after each sip (not a bad idea at just 4.6%). The other issue is one I gave it, pouring it into a glass that was not clean, which dulled it a bit. Keeping with personal taste, I guess for me, not having a very delicate palate, this still doesn't have quite enough flavour to satisfy me, so can't see it being a style I will go back to very often. Therefore, this is why I can understand why It has gone so well in the Hottest 100, as I have said many times, my taste does not reflect the aussie general public.

Anyway, I hope through this beer review I have annoyed one German...



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