Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sinha Stout (8.8%)

Seeing a tropical type storm has just come over Melbourne (the first of the Spring), I thought an equally weird beer should go with it. I don't think of Sri Lanka when I think stout beers, but here is one, so I guess for this novel weather day, this novel beer fits in alright.

Okay, so I am watching the play by play commentary of Romania vs Georgia in their Rugby World Cup match, and looks like an interesting game between the minnows at 12-6 (lots of kicking going on)

So, for the beer... It pours a browny black with a very brown head that dissipates pretty quickly. Does not appear to be much body to it from the pour, so not getting overly excited about what I am to put in my mouth. Hmm, actually getting a bit of chocolate on the nose with dark fruit and alcohol, which has pricked up my ears a bit. Okay, on the tongue there is a bit of depth to the malt, and a bit of body to it to, but the alcohol is a bit too high for the beer to handle. Mind you, the beer is a bit on the cool side so it could warm up a bit (sorry for this line of description, maybe just getting caught up in the play by play commentary I am reading while tasting this beer...which by the way, Georgia is starting to dominate having just made a try to push it out 19-6).
There is a slight bit of coffee coming into the beer as it warms, and the alcohol spike is reducing a bit (or maybe my tongue is just resetting itself to it), still, it the alcohol is becoming a bit drier at the back (Romania seem to be losing face as the game goes on).
I have just read the back of the bottle, and happy to say that many of the things I am tasting are actually stated as what is suppose to be in the beer. That doesn't happen often. Don't tell me this beer is starting to charm me a bit?
Well, apart from the slight alcohol sting and this bottle being slightly overcarbonated, I am enjoying the beer more than I thought I would, maybe as I am enjoying this storm (well, now I am out of it and it has settled down) more than I thought, and enjoying this game more than I thought.

Romania had the last chance with the ball and stuffed it, so the game finishes 25-9 to Georgia. The beer does not seem to improving with more time either. There also seems to be quite a bit of sediment on the bottom of the bottle as well. The alcohol is starting to take over in terms of taste, and after what feels like a long week at work already, it is affecting my consciousness as well. Luckily I am at the end of it now.

Well, I hope someone else out there reading this had had this beer before and can attest to the legitimateness of this beer I thought would be quite novel...ok, it was novel, but not in the way I thought it would be. Maybe they can let me know I am not in the right state of mind...well, I am off to feel drunk now.



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