Thursday, August 18, 2011

Two Metre Tall Huon Dark Ale (5.5%)

Getting into tomorrow nights Biero dark beers extravaganza, but still with the fruit feel that the mulberry beer, I thought it appropriate to try this dark ale but with the use of apple juice.

Unfortunately, I think I have come to this beer a little too late. I smelt the dustiness that comes from older malt in a beer, but could still smell the apple in there as well. With the flavour, the dustiness of the malt comes through, which isn't helped with the carbonation. Body has been lost in the beer, so it comes across quite thin on the tongue. There has definitely been a separation of the beer with the apple juice, which I am not sure if that is a by-product of age or how it came across fresh. The apple juice dominates from the midpalate and with age has turned a bit tart/sour on the finish.

Therefore, yet another disappointment from this brewery, but at least this time it is my fault not drinking it sooner, as is seems to have been brewed 14 months ago.

Ah well, doesn't seem to be too bad, so may just finish it anyway. Can't let good (ok, maybe only decent) alcohol go to waste. Still have another day of work to get through before the weekend starts. I may need this drink to get me through it.



PS: I have been able to come back and try this beer again. Click here to see a better appreciated review of this beer

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