Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rogue's John John Ale (5.6%)


Getting back on the horse and finally on a beer my sis brought over for me for our birthday a month and a half ago (hmmm).
So, the John John is a collaboration between the spirit and brew masters at Rogue's (both called John), and is touted as an 'Ale with natural hazelnut flavor aged in hazelnut spice rum barrels'. Having enjoyed a Samuel Smith Nut Brown recently I can taste the similarity with this beer, but can taste the spice on the midpalate, and the slight rum at the aftertaste. Two things I really liked about this beer was the great smooth body this beer had, and the malty backpalate, showing the lack of hops I personally like. The head was tight and could be well coaxed with a swill, but it didn't hang around long, but could really get the nutty and slight spice smell when it was charged up.
However, overall, I was not taken by the beer. The spice doesn't do anything for me, and the combination of flavours didn't create a profile I could enjoy. I don't know if it was a Rogue yeast or my familiarity with nut brown ales, but did get a recognition from the beer.

So, a good attempt by Rogue's to get more into some aged beers with some difference, but just wasn't rounded enough for my taste. But that is a bit of the hit and miss that comes with beer.



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