Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Joel's Prague Beer Challenge

I did it not long ago setting a beer challenge for some mates in Berlin, and now another has been set and met by Joel, who happens to be in Prague at the moment. There was one beer that I had wanted to try while there, but unfortunately the cheese shop that it was in was closed, and so it kept mocking me through the window. But who is mocking who now, as after giving Joel the co-ordinates, he and Duff have found the cheese shop, and been able to purchase said beer and has just sent me their tasting notes.

So without further ado, here is the one beer I did not get to try while in Prague

It is the Cerna Hora Granat by the way...

Mission accomplished!

The texture of the beer is not heavy, but there is a good smooth body.

Unfortunately, we have to drink from the bottle, so I'm struggling to get a smell from it. Did pour some into a clear water bottle and the colour is like dark amber. Not black, quite dark, but with a deep, rich golden colour.

No real carbonation, although there is a bit of tang or sizzle early like you might experience from a carbonated beer, not alcoholic though, only 4.5%.

Duff said it feels more carbonated than you might expect from a dark beer, but like champagne bubbles.

A slight malty/ashy flavour on middle of toungue.

Half way through and it's still popping like rice bubbles.

Overall, very flat flavour arc. Unassuming. All up it's quite a mellow journey. Finishes with a little hint of a floral zest.

This is a very unassuming beer which doesn't have any real wow factor. It's certainly not unpleasant, but my toes aren't curling up.

Duff isn't a fan. I think the body is inconsistent with what you might expect from a dark beer and the well balanced flavours are all pleasant enough, but nothing stands out. The tingles on the tongue doesn't seem to fit right with the expected experience either.

All up a quite not unpleasant beer that has a somewhat unique character and flavour, but character and flavour that doesn't blow ones hair back.

PS. Will you shut that bloody bazouki up!

PPS. beer.

The PS is a reference to Monty Python's Cheese Shop Sketch, seeing the beer was found in a cheese shop.
Well done boys, and thank you for doing this for me. You have made it onto beerdakari with your insightful remarks (and there was much rejoicing...yes, more Monty Python)



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