Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Local: another beer journey

So, after the few beers i had yesterday, did the journey down to The Local to catch up with my mate Rick and see if the winter beer menu was up yet. Thanks to Rick for coming along, giving me his own thoughts on the beer, and coping with my continual interruptions in our conversation with notes on the beers.
1) Leffe Brune (6.5%) - ok, so much for a starter. still, is a classic belgium beer that is rich with a dark bubblegum sort of flavour that almost masks the malt. there is a slight alcohol sting and the texture is a little watery.
2) Hofbrau Munich Helles (5.1%) - yep, a bit of a step back from the Brune, but did find the flavours in this german beer well blended. there was a slight sulphur smell but with a sweet midpalate and dry hop flavour that continued through to the aftertaste, but did not take away from the beer.
3) Brewboys Maiden Ale (4.9%) - has quite a fruity smell and seems to be structured on a little creatures pale ale (good call Stroudy), but also picked up a pine/citrus flavour in it.
4) 5IBC Trainspotting Ale (6%) - a bit of a disappointment. a red coloured, malty sulphur sort of smell with a bit of an alkaline taste that kills what caramel malt sweetness could be in this beer. ends up being a bit of a nothing beer that doesn't know what it is.
5) True South Aged Porter (5%) - from bad to worse. if it has been aged, maybe it was in a steel vat as dark malt fully overpowered by hoppy smell, and a toilet cleaner taste rounded with metallic.
6) James Squire Porter (5%) - australia redeems itself slightly with the classic, with a stronger malt smell and more resolute beer overall. there is a slight dry roasted aftertaste and comes off a bit watery.
7) Maredsous 8 (Brune) - so we come full circle and back to a brune. has a dark red ale flavour with big alcohol burst on mid to late palate. it was smooth with well blended flavours, but still not much texture. at least we were able to end on a decent note, even if the girls we were speaking to didn't appreciate beer that much, saying this particular beer was disgusting. Thanks to Joel for recommending this beer to me a while ago, I finally found it mate. You would have had the 6, which is the Blonde. also, the 'd' in Maredsous is silent (thank you beer nerd staffer at the Local)

In latest news, have found the Belgian Beer Cafe is doing a Trappist beer tasting on 10th July. Stay tuned, if anyone tunes in at all.

- Beefy

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